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Financial Products & Services

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Personal Strategies:

Financial Resources Services:

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Life & Disability Income Insurance Needs
  • Review of Savings and Investments
  • Retirement Income Needs
  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Study 
  • Retirement Products & Services

Retirement Products & Services:

  • Individual Retirement Accounts  (IRAs)   
  • Fixed and Variable Annuities
  • Retirement Needs Review
  • Long Term Care Insurance 
  • Analysis of Investment Alternatives

Tuition Funding Programs:

  • College Funding Strategies 
  • College Cost Analysis

Investment Products:

  • Stocks, bonds, ETF’s
  • Mutual Funds
  • Unit Investment Trusts
  • Variable Annuities
  • Direct Participation Programs
  • Securities Brokerage Services
  • Wealth Management Service

Estate Planning:

  • Estate Preservation
  • Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Charitable Giving

Business Strategies:

Business Continuation Planning:

  • Funding Strategies
  • Buy-Sell Strategies 
  • Family Business Succession Planning 
  • Key Person Insurance

Executive Fringe Benefits:

  • Executive Bonus Plans
  • Split Dollar Insurance
  • Deferred Compensation Funding Strategies
  • Salary Continuation Plans
  • Non-Qualified Executive Fringe Benefits

Employee Benefit Programs:

  • Life and Disability Income Insurance
  • Pension, Profit Sharing and 401(k)plans
  • Payroll Deduction Plans
  • Non-Qualified Retirement Programs
  • Group Insurance- Groups 2+i.e., Health & Dental

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We have thousands of nonproprietary independent financial products and services which allows us to custom tailor a solution that helps solve your particular requirement.

We will diligently work with you to discover the financial solution that best addresses your goal.

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