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First and foremost we consider ourselves educators, to explore together with individuals, families and businesses ways to gain a better understanding of the financial issues unique to them and are fundamental to their long term financial security. Client protection is paramount with us, which is one of the many reasons we are housed in an inviting home-based environment, with greater control of sensitive information. We take pride in being accessible to clients and are happy to answer questions that come up outside of office hours. We may not have our clients’ lives in hand, but we do have their life savings in hand, and we take that responsibility with great reverence.  We have been able to build relationships with clients that run deep.                

Strategies and market fluctuations are so critical once retired, you no longer have an active income to offset any poor decisions or errors. There also exists unique risks and concerns for retirees such as sequence of returns risk, retirement date risk, health care, Medicare supplemental coverage, Required Minimum Distributions, extended care planning and the greatest of risks...outliving your assets. That may be why the advisor that was there during your earning years seemingly falls out of contact, as you take distributions their income falls and their risks rise. Distribution requires a highly personalized approach, in which the strategies are tailored to the goals, needs and conditions of the individual.  We act as fiduciaries first and always, we will be there to guide you as we pursue together the life of which you have dreamed. 

Integrating financial strategies with lifestyle strategies is part of the solution in planning for financially secure, happy later years. 

We work in concert with your current legal and tax advisors creating an orchestrated and integrated team, resulting in a seamless citadel for your financial peace. If you are in need of advisors we can work directly with you to match your needs and resources. This approach, The Journey, a fixed cost process incorporates a number of doctrines including Proactive Tax Planning, Longevity Income Planning, Asset Management and distribution, Risk Management and Succession Planning.

Through Money Concepts we have access to institutional level money managers including in the fields of Socially Responsible and Impact Investing, money managers meeting the stringent standards of GIPS (Global Investment Performance Standards) certification.

   Ashton Wealth also works with families that have dependents with supplemental/special needs...and was selected in 2010, on a national basis, as one of only 46 firms to attend "Special Needs Solutions" held in Chicago.     

Jay is also appointed with the American Veterinary Medical Association as a representative for AVMA LIFE. With his business background and pre-Veterinary course study he enjoys working with Veterinarians and finds the time shared together extremely rewarding.

Let's work together in pursuit of your life's dreams, one in which loss of sleep occurs only due to the excitement of what tomorrow holds for you and loved ones.

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