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Our Process

Getting You There

We take the complicated and work to make it simple. Our mission is to learn your financial objectives, turn them into a mathematical word problem and solve them for you.  In order to accomplish this, we follow a systematized process to uncover your financial goals and develop a plan to help you reach them. We serve as your financial advocate, helping you to reap the rewards of your success.

  • Understanding

Financial planning is much more than just assets and liabilities. It’s about understanding you. Our first step is to get to know you personally. We will set up an initial meeting to talk with you to discern your family circumstances and fears and discover your hopes for the future.

  • Intelligence

Once we get to know you personally, we use Intelligent Financial Thinking to develop a plan that is tailored to your specific needs.  Our strategy will consider your current situation and help you minimize fees and become more efficient in your financial process. Our recommendations will incorporate your income, expenses, assets and liabilities and marry them with your aspirations. The end result is a plan to help you secure a sound financial future.

  • Creativity

Today, true financial planning is as much an art as a science. We strive to build an “all weather” portfolio using our “Tax Triangle” and a creative mix of equities, real estate, annuities, bonds and insurance to better manage your tax burden. We look to build assets by minimizing your tax obligation while organizing them in such a way so as to pass them on to your heirs more seamlessly. Designed to navigate today’s complex economic market conditions by incorporating both strategic and tactical money management, our allocation process aims to increase the tax efficiency of your portfolio in all economic and tax climates. The “Tax Triangle” is the perfect example of how we practice Intelligent Financial Thinking.

  • Monitoring your Progress

Once your plan is implemented, we then begin the monitoring process. As our client, you will have 24/7, real-time access to your own customized eMoney website that tracks your progress and assets in real time. We rely on ongoing communication with you to keep abreast of changes in your life. Are there changes that adversely affect your progress?  Are there increases in income or assets that can help you accomplish your goals more quickly? We will want to know when major life events occur so that we can adjust accordingly and help keep you on track.

  • Relax

Relaxation is achieved as the end result of being proactive and taking the first step. When you have a plan that is well thought through and effectively implemented, you are in a position to make any necessary changes in order to reach your goals. Let us sort through the complexities of your financial situation and create a plan for you that can give you peace of mind. Call us and let us help you take the first step.

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