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Our Process

Getting You There

Our clients see us as their Personal Business Manager.

Our process has seven stages:

1. Preparation You gather all financial documents for your family and/or business in preparation of the initial meeting with us.

2. Mutual Discovery Meeting We meet with you to review financial documents and benchmark your current financial reality. Then, together we complete your personal Financial Road Map®, which is built around your values and future goals.

3. Plan Creation We review your Financial Road Map® and develop a written step-by-step plan of action designed to get you where you want to go, keeping a focus on your values.

4. Implementation Plan Meeting We implement your plan based on your Financial Road Map®, which actualizes your goals and values. The idea behind Values-Based Financial Planning™ is that we agree upon a plan, and you delegate it to us for execution. You put us in charge of your financial future so you can focus on life.

5. Follow Through Based on the implementation plan, we are both accountable to certain things. We expect our clients to follow through on the actions they commit to take, and we expect to be held to the same standards.

6. Progress Meetings We meet with you three times a year to gauge progress, answer any questions and serve as your financial coach when you need advice. These meetings allow us to review your Financial Road Map® and Implementation Plan to make sure we are all still on track.

7. Annual Implementation Plan Update Each year, we’ll review your Financial Road Map®, evaluate your goals, monitor our progress and make necessary adjustments to your Implementation Plan. Our expectation through this entire process is that we will build a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship. We want you to be so pleased with our services that you refer your family, friends and associates.

The Outcome : When you delegate what you can to someone else, you have more time for the really important things in life.

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