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Andrew Panyik - MSFS

In over 25 years of business

we have never been more CONFIDENT about the future than we are now.

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Our Process

Getting You There


•Step one – Discovery

  • –Together we’ll build a trusting relationship that identifies your past investment experience, as well as, uncovers and discovers your dreams.
  • –We’ll address every question and concern that you may have regarding investing and retirement…and
  • –Identify your “investing” comfort zone.

•Step two – Map & Itinerary Guide

  • –Being true to our trusted relationship, we’ll carefully detail your dreams and desires to create your dream retirement map.
  • –We’ll use the power of our resources to carefully match each dream and desire with strategies that may provide the healthiest results for your retirement life.
  • –We’ll summarize the results so together we can discover and plot out your dream retirement journey map.

•Step three – It Begins & Dust Settles

  • –Together we will put your retirement map into action.
  • –You will receive weekly updates on the progress of your journey.
  • –You will have full access to all your documents safely kept in your own private electronic vault.
  • –We’ll meet to review all your mail received once your first statements have generated (approximately 6-10 weeks)

•Step four - Faithful Watch

  • –We will Faithfully Watch, Like a Sentinel, Guardian, over your retirement journey helping to ensure desired results.
  • –We will do everything in our power to return your call/email promptly, if not initially available.
  • –Together, we will review your plan either semi-annually or annually helping to ensure your journey safely remains on track.
  • –We will alert you to dangers as they become known and guide you along the way.
  • –You will keep us updated on changes in your life and dreams that may affect the course of your journey.
  • –We will guide your every step. You will not be forgotten nor alone in your journey!

Come sit at our table and  -let Your Journey Begin-


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Andrew Panyik is an independent contractor of Money Concepts
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