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About The Financial Firm

Preferred Credit Union

I joined Money Concepts because they have been recognized for doing things the right way.  We believe in the values of personal contact and building a good client relationship.  Do you know anyone who really wants a 'Robo Advisor'?  We understand that with something as important to you as your finances, you need to feel comfortable with us. How could you trust me with your hard earned money if you don't know me, or feel that I don't really know you?

Money Concepts has realized that it's that personal relationship that is missing from so many other firms today. Money Concepts is a family owned, family run business founded on this core principle. They have been recognized as one of the 5000 fastest growing companies in America.  That tells me that we are doing something right, something that our clients need and want.  Frankly, without YOU that achievement simply isn't possible!  It is this foundation and many other moral values that causes our advisors, staff and most importantly our clients, to call Money Concepts home.

Financial Planning Success Solutions

​The only constant in this financial world is change.  We understand the challenges and responsibilities associated with those changes, and welcome th opportunity to build an investment strategy that is custom tailored JUST FOR YOU.

Where It All Begins

Every financial plan should start with a Comprehensive Discovery Process.  This beginning is an assessment of your current situation, understanding where you are today, and what has brought you to this point. Be assured that we know full well the various paths that people can take, and the things that can cause so many people to become sidetracked from their goals.  Rest easy knowing that we will walk with you through this process, explaining our analysis, logic, and recommendations along the way. We are transparent and straightforward and will always focus on what is best for you given your needs, expectations and attitudes towards investing.  In short we strive to help you first become good stewards with what you have been entrusted.

Independence and Flexibility

As an independent wealth advisor with Money Concepts, I am have access to a wide variety of quality, non-proprietary products, that provide a complete menu of wealth management solutions, from which to choose. Money Concepts also provides the flexibility to construct a non-biased timely solution catered to your precise timely needs and agenda.  We take pride in having the luxury of offering you either a fee-based or a commission-based solution in accordance with YOUR preference.

Portfolio Management and Advisory Services 

Money Concepts has a history of longstanding experience to help insure the highest level of management and advisory services for your portfolio.  We continually monitor and manage each  portfolio to maintain established objectives and navigate through changing needs.  We strive to  maximize long tern returns while minimizing short term risk through proper diversification​.  We work alongside you to establish an asset allocation strategy, that best fit your expectations to achieve an efficient portfolio that produces a high level of return for an acceptable level of risk.

Value, Quality and Seamless Service

I recognize that successful financial planning is more than just a single appointment.  It is  process of discovering who you are, where you currently are, and where you would like to be.  I am committed to the highest level of professionalism and personalized service.  I promise to treat you with the care and respect you deserve.

We provide an number of value added services such as a Personalized Financial plan to keep you on the straightest path to success.  It is our goal to keep you up to date through our monthly "MoneyTalk" Newsletter and Market Updates.  Be sure to inquire about our Client Vault to provide a secure place for you to manage and store your important documents.

Preferred Credit Union takes great pride and satisfaction in their reputation in the community for providing seamless client services.  It is with full intention that myself and Money Concepts will live up to the standards that Preferred has built their reputation upon.  I look forward to a long and successful relationship WITH YOU!

Contact me today, and lets get started! 



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