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Frequently Asked Questions

I often here about “fee based” what does that mean and what am I getting for my fee?

  • Fee based can mean a lot of different things, generally it’s assumed to mean an advisor charges you either a fee based on hours worked, assets under management or an annual retainer flat fee for their services.
  • What do I get for my fee? Well that is for each individual advisor to answer. The short answer for River Oak Partners is, each client is unique and fees can be structured to fit their individual needs. Often an asset based fee will include setting up a detailed financial plan for clients, it will be the foundation for everything else. The plan will determine the services provided to each client in an effort achieve plan goals. This often includes but is not limited to: financial planning, asset management, portfolio maintenance and review, retirement income planning, college savings strategies, insurance review, social security and pension claiming strategies, long term care planning and estate planning. Basically it will include the services needed to achieve successful outcomes identified within the plan.

Do you have minimums?

  • We focus on individuals more than assets. A dedicated and committed partner focused on achieving their goals is our perfect client.

What does your logo represent?

We’re based in the low country and love it. So obviously we needed a logo that symbolized that. The Southern Oak does that perfectly, but it’s more than that. The Oak represents strength and growth, while the River represents movement or flow. This perfectly describes the investment cycle individuals face. The Growth phase of accumulating and growing assets for retirement and the Flow phase of accessing those assets to fund retirement. Few truly understand the intricacies of the Flow phase. We are here to guide you down that river.



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