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Kurt Sytsma

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Our Difference

Holistic Wealth Management

Money Concepts uses a “holistic approach” to wealth management. Our systems, procedures and techniques have been refined by years of experience help making us an efficient and productive wealth management company.

We Are:

  • Consultants Not Dictators - We take a consultative approach looking at your entire financial picture. Then, we develop a plan to help you get to where you want to go.
  • Committed - We are committed to providing you with the finest in wealth management and financial planning services. We are free to work with you in a way that helps to meet your needs and desires.
  • Understanding - We understand that wealth management is a process, not a product. As such, you receive ongoing money-mentoring and coaching. We are there when you need us.
  • Educated - We attend a minimum of thirty hours of classroom education each year, over twice the industry average. We do this for one reason only… to better serve you with the latest in products, services and tax strategies.

We Provide:

  • Independent Products - We do not offer any proprietary products, we can choose from literally thousands of products in the financial services industry. The only caveat is that the products or services meet your needs and desires.
  • Technology - View your account statements, account values, holdings and transaction histories online. Use the online Client Vault to store all of your important documents, i.e.. wills, trusts, tax returns, account statements all in one place.


           Working with me will be a team effort.  The best way to be successful, is reliant upon knowing exactly what my clients goals are, and what they bring to the table.  I realize that each client comes in with a unique set of values and financial goals.  There should never be a "one size fits all" approach.  Each client is exactly that, unique, and deserves a financial plan that is tailored to fit just them!  I am a very detail oriented person, and strive to make sure every T is crossed and i is dotted. When it comes to trusting someone with your finances, would you want anything less?

All Inclusive: 

        I want to make a difference in the lives of every customer!  Whether you are approaching retirement or just starting out, I want to be there for you.  You have seen the ads on television..."If you have $10,000 to invest, give us a call"...but what if you don't?  Is the industry just ignoring the fact that there are thousands of people watching those ads, that are left thinking...well, if you need to have that much money to get started, why even call?   So on the one hand, you have the major firms that are looking only for the "Big Fish".  On the other, you have the low cost trading options that encourage you to do it all yourself, enticing you with "affordability".  But without any guidance, are you really comfortable over there either?   I feel that there is a huge market share out there, that have delayed starting, just because they feel that they don't belong anywhere.  Look no further!  I have been right where you are, and I didn't like those options either!  That's why I am committed to making a difference in the lives of each and every person who is looking for help!


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