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Our Difference

Holistic Wealth Management

We use a “holistic approach” to wealth management called 

Partner / Prepare / Nurture

PARTNER - Financial Adviser or Guide?  What’s the Difference? Everything!!

This may sound a bit corny, but it is a core philosophy at River Oak Partners.

Adviser is a noun, while Guide can be a noun or verb. That may seem unimportant but let’s examine it.

Adviser (noun) – one who gives advice or counsel.

Guide (verb) – to assist (a person) to travel through, or reach a destination in an unfamiliar area, as by accompanying the person.

It sounds like an adviser gives you advice and sends you on your way, while a guide walks the path with you and shows you the way. We work with our clients/partners to develop plans and guide them on their journey.

Behavior Coaching / Guiding: The single biggest contribution we can make towards successful client outcomes, is through behavioral coaching. Quite simply, it’s guiding clients and encouraging them to do the things they know they should or should not do, but don’t. Most people fail to achieve their goals not because they don’t want to, they just lack support and guidance.

PREPARE - Preparation Is the Key to Any Successful Outcome and We’ll Help You Prepare

We recognize the news and financial news is often filled with noise. This noise can derail even the most disciplined investor. Adding to the noise, is the typical marketing strategy of most investment firms. They are centered around fear and greed. It’s no wonder investor behavior is often flawed. Our aim is to alleviate this stress, with a clearly defined Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and Financial Plan. This empowers clients, with understanding and confidence.

Better Portfolio Design, Monitoring and Communication: Our IPS (Investment Policy Statement) is designed to give clients clarity into the investment selection process and confidence surrounding the ongoing monitoring of investments. We have developed fiduciary best practices in both investment selection and monitoring, to offer clients comfort and knowledge that their investments are being watched while they work and play.

Award Winning Active Financial Planning: We feel a goal based financial plan is the best way to help our clients stay focused on long term goals. Our plans are interactive, allowing clients to play “what if”, promoting broader discussions. They are NOT 50 page documents that end up in a drawer. When the time comes to address retirement income strategies, we’re prepared.

Legacy Planning: Most people don’t feel they’re candidates for estate or legacy planning. We feel different, everyone needs this service and we provide it, with Everplans. This award winning cloud based technology finally brings the organization to people’s lives they’ve been looking for.

NURTURE - A Strong Relationship is Our Greatest Asset          

We value a deep relationship above all else. It’s the key to help us better serve clients. There’s no denying we live the technology era and we’re captive to it. To that end, we’ve compiled a state of the art set of tools to serve you; easy online scheduling, 24/7 online and mobile access to your accounts, web based video conferencing for meetings and/or education, digital signing for easy document handling, resource links on our web page to answer many of your questions, award winning risk assessment and legacy planning tools. While clients appreciate technology nothing can replace direct access to your Guide! Let us join you and guide you on your journey.

  • State of the Art Tools - River Oak Partners employes award winning risk engineering technology that mathematically pinpoints a client's Risk Number, and aligns a client's portfolio to match. Built on a Nobel Prize winning framework Riskalyze offers a quantitative way for clients and advisors to establish the correct amount of risk for their investments.



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