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Our Difference

Holistic Wealth Management

 We Lead by Listening.

  “Every person that comes in contact with us finds a better way”, our mission statement.  That may not necessarily be with our firm, if we are not the best fit we will try to help everyone find the right resources for their needs. 
Successful and sound pursuit of an enjoyable, and rewarding, long life requires more than hope. To achieve your financial objectives we must come up with the right answers; but first we must come up with the right questions.  Our first time together will be a discovery, an exploration, to listen and learn from you....your current situation, past experiences, challenges and obstacles. This time together will help us understand you and your unique standing.  At each step of our process the discussion will be held at a level of understanding that helps ensure your comfort and comprehension.             
The most common form of compensation in our industry is charging a percentage fee based on the amount of assets under management. That fee could total well over 2%.    However being in the field since 1998 we have witnessed some failings in the traditional assets under management model. We believe the traditional fee-based advisors focus too much on gathering more and more assets rather than the complete needs and risk management of a sound goals-based financial plan. Those yet to have had time to build assets are passed over and those who have built up assets over time are penalized.

  We have developed and offer a flat cost "holis-tech" process that offers a fully comprehensive approach with day to day monitoring as we work together in pursuit of your financial security. That dynamic process, “The Journey”, is empowered by Money Concepts to empower you.                                           

      Following an initial set-up cost of $100 per individual, $150 per couple, a monthly subscription, that can be canceled at anytime, then applies

    To age 30        $ 89   monthly Single income Household                             
                            $119  monthly Dual Income household 
Age 31-Retired    $119  monthly Single Income Household 
                            $149  monthly Dual Income Household

     Retired           $  89 Household                                    

                                                             "The Journey" includes
Analysis and Monitoring of  Retirement  and Investment  Accounts • 401k Optimization • Insurance Appraisals • Annuity Appraisals • Expense Management • On-Target Goal Watch • Tax Integration • Legacy Integration •   Interactive, easy to use, financial tools and software for dynamic engagement

♦ For those seeking only a "second set of eyes" we also offer an hourly rate of $180 for a non-biased review of current plans or to offer guidance on settlements, rollovers, inheritances etc.




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Jay R. Hardesty is an independent contractor of Money Concepts

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