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Mary Anne Mayer Redmond, CFP®, MRFC, is President of Mary Anne Mayer Redmond Wealth Management, a firm that provides a comprehensive range of financial planning, implementation, & management services for individuals.



Quoting Mary Anne, “Though I cannot guarantee the outcome, we focus on helping clients make the most money they can. I look for what has the greatest potential for them. Of course, each client is unique.  I provide care in discerning & shaping customized solutions.”



The approach is holistic, with care to which, out of the whole, might have the greatest benefit for the client, according to the client’s personal & financial circumstances.

The firm’s services include financial advice, and, when appropriate, more formal financial planning – and the provision & monitoring, too, of implemented resources.  The extensive array of financial solutions available through Mary Anne's firm, encompasses diverse managed or advisory investment approaches, stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, alternative investments such as REITs, income-oriented offerings, other helpful tools such as annuity and/or life insurance, and more, vetted & recommended within the context of what can best serve the client.

“I suggest coming in (or talking via Zoom – or phone –), for the free introductory meeting with me.  That’s an opportunity for us together to determine whether it makes sense to go forward in an advisor-client relationship.  I’ll do a lot of listening and answer questions you have, as best I can.  Of course, we can talk 1st, over the phone, to answer your questions & learn more about each other, for a sort of pre-meeting meeting, before scheduling a more in-depth appointment.  I do work with clients in various locations in the U.S.

“I think the adage ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ could have been coined by someone in the financial services field.  This field is vast, with possible resources, strategies, solutions that can be challenging for non-professionals to be aware of, or suitably choose from by themselves.  Equally daunting is distinguishing among advisors or wealth management firms.  If you’ll take that beginning step by indicating interest, whether or not you know what to ask for, together we can see what might be appropriate for you.”



Mary Anne is part of a team, and each team member works aiming to deliver best service and care for client outcomes.  Our team includes:  Shalice Gentry, who oversees Client Services, including scheduling; Ariana Kamalvand, who's considered "Special Ops" and provides support in various areas, including tech challenges, admin. details, proofing and (not yet underway) public communications.   Debbi Belcher provides the advanced experience & training for administrative details involved for each client.   Lisa Stanford, who operates her own virtual assistant firm, also helps with admin. training.   Teamwork encompasses Money Concepts "back office" (broker dealer) support, as well as the relevant knowledge and experience of colleagues & professionals who specialize in tax-planning, legal, and investment & insurance resources.

Mary Anne’s years in the profession have enabled her to develop a keen sense about reliable resources; and central to that has been & is what she considers to be superb broker dealer support to an independent advisor such as herself.  The broker dealer is Money Concepts, and that firm’s support (for Mary Anne, since 2003) is multi-dimensioned, including:  the highly relevant continuing education that Money Concepts provides; the rigor of that firm’s attention to compliance to regulatory rules & protocol; an extensive array of resources (with no proprietary requirements) so that the advisor has autonomy in her choices for the client; the speed & care with which necessary documents are processed; the leading edge technology made possible by affiliation with the firm; the inspiring ethics, leadership & company culture (with its genuinely helpful, dedicated, individuals); the collaborative spirit among the Money Concepts independent advisors country-wide – this too benefits the client by enhancing the advisor’s access to knowledge, experience, & coaching.   In other words, behind-the-scenes efforts help maximize the end-result for the client.



Mary Anne entered the financial services profession in 1991, earning the designations of CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) and RFC® (Registered Financial Consultant) and the Series 6, 7 & 63 NASD Investment Company/Variable, General and Uniform Securities licenses, and the Texas Life, Health, & Variable Insurance licenses.  In 2017 she earned the Master Registered Financial Consultant MRFC® designation. 

In addition to working with individual clients, Mary Anne has given numerous presentations on finances, co-created a comprehensive educational kit (Having It All Together with Finances) for women, and authored the Spirit of Abundance Daily Reminders, a compilation of her original motivational and inspirational writings.

"I enjoy making things accessible to others, sharing what might be helpful or rewarding.  In the world of investments & finances, this means I bring in solutions that can support people’s lives – with that strong focus on helping grow their money."   Her approach with clients is informed by intuition as well as what’s been learned over the years in the wealth management profession.  Decades ago, she completed a challenging undergraduate thesis on William Blake's masterpiece Jerusalem.  Today, she aims to provide similar unwavering care in working with clients' wealth management.  


Education, Designations & Licenses

Master Registered Financial Consultant (MRFC®)  2017 – present

Registered Financial Consultant (RFC®)  2010 – 2017

Series 7 NASD Licensed General Securities Representative  1996 – present

Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) Licensee  1996 – present

Graduate, Certified Financial Planner Professional Education Program  1995

Series 63 Licensed Uniform Securities Agent  1993 – present  

Series 6 NASD Licensed Investment Company/Variable Representative  1993 – present

Texas Licensed Variable Contract Agent  1993 – present

Texas Licensed Life & Health Insurance Agent  1991  present

Master of Fine Arts in Writing, Vermont College of Norwich University  1987

Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude, Oberlin College  1976



Money Concepts Eagle Award  2019

Money Concepts Century Award  2018

Certified Green America Business  2010 – present      

Bess Judd Spirit of Zonta Award  2011

Bess Judd Spirit of Zonta Junior Award  1996



“Ethical Investing”  Northaven Methodist Church, Dallas  2018

“Conscious Capitalism”  Panel, Northaven Methodist Church, Dallas  2017

“Investing 2016 & Sustainable (Green/SRI) Choices”  Women in the Environment, N. Texas  2016

 “12 Things Every Woman of the ‘90s Must Know about Finances”  Civic Groups, N. Texas  1994 1997



Self-Expression & Leadership Program, Landmark Education  1995 – 1996









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  3. Water well – especially within the first 6-8 weeks – make sure it receives plenty of sunshine.

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