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 Although we do accept, on a referral basis, clients from the general population our main focus is to meet the truly unique financial planning needs of Veterinarians. As medical professionals Veterinarians can also don the caps of surgeon, pharmacist, business owner, employer, and commercial real estate holder. Add to that the “distractions” of student loan debt, insurances, cash-flow, savings, investments, retirement plans, retirement planning and business succession one might lose sight of their original purpose in becoming a Veterinarian. We are the remedy to your ills while you find again your purpose as we guide you towards financial success. Jay is an authorized representative of the AVMA LIFE program.

Jay’s father was a business owner, and as is common his father was counting on the proceeds from the sale of his business to later fund his retirement. It all came crumbling down due to a head injury suffered from a fall. His father’s business already devalued by a measure of obsolescence was now, without a succession plan, near worthless. Jay pulled up his roots in Colorado and returned to New York to oversee his father’s care and family matters. Soon afterward Jay found himself administering home care to his mother whose health rapidly declined due to the strain and stress. All of the above with the help from Jay's brother flying in from Dallas on a regular basis.

Living this "trial by fire" forged a new passion, a forever guide families, and businesses, in pursuit of a sound financial future…a future that holds promise rather than uncertainty. To protect against both the financial drain and emotional drain of “put off” planning.  

   With a background of pre-veterinary science Jay made the decision to work with those who shared his values and background, Veterinarians. Jay started out in large firms in New York and Denver and in both settings  found himself troubled with the brazen conflict of interests found in those "too big" of firms, appearing to be more concerned with generating wealth for themselves and their shareholders, rather than their clients.

 Jay "escaped" to develop Ashton Wealth Management. Teaming with Money Concepts he became empowered to offer steadfast service acting as a fiduciary, always placing the interests of clients paramount, truly free of any undue influence from Big Banks, large investment firms, or insurance carriers.  Through Money Concepts, Ashton Wealth Management has access to the leading technologies but as important is Money Concept's commitment to extensive due diligence and client protection.

 Interests and Activities  

Jay is an authorized representative with the AVMA insurance program LIFE and travels extensively to meet with clients, throughout Colorado and currently FL, AZ, WA, MT with more to follow.  Jay's past experiences include a Veterinary assistant at a municipal zoo, a foaling attendant and a weekend stable attendant. He is a past board member with Manna Soup kitchen, Community Foundation Serving Southwest Colorado, Leadership Golden and  Victim Outreach Inc..  Jay currently volunteers with an Equine Therapy organization and in his free time can be found hiking the trails, cycling the pathways and navigating the waters of the Dillon area...and beyond





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