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"True Wealth" isn't just what you leave people it's also what you leave IN people.

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About Duane

Duane Porter is an experienced and knowledgeable financial advisor, ready to work with you to help ensure you and your family’s financial future and/or your business success.  After 20+ years holding roles as a success Financial Advisor, District, Regional and National Manager Duane made the decision to start his own financial services firm, DFP Financial & Consulting.  Over the past 20+ years, he has worked with thousands of Clients, Financial Advisors and Credit Union/Banking institutions helping them choose, invest, and manage plans and programs.

Financial Planning is much more than dollars and cents.  It is much more than accounts, investments and insurance.  Progressive Smart Financial Planning is Purpose, Health, Family, Money, Estate and Legacy.  At DFP Financial & Consulting we take a full comprehensive approach that is much more than money or investments, it’s finding “True Wealth” in life and legacy.  True Wealth isn’t just what you leave people it is also what you leave IN people.

As a Financial Advisor, Duane’s main goal is to help you make well-informed decisions while emphasizing the need to adjust investment plans as your goals and needs change.  He believes in an educational, transparent and partnership approach to “True Wealth”.  Duane is looking forward to being your professional advisor and resource as you build and seek “True Wealth”. 

I have thousands of financial products available to me that I can use to best fit your unique financial situation and goal.  Equally important is my affiliation with Money Concepts International. They provide access to these products as well as a technology platform that helps me be efficient in the day-to-day activities. However, most important they also provide a support network of education and experience, which helps to sharpen my skills ultimately benefiting you.

Next, you should know that you are very important to me. My livelihood resides in the satisfaction of my clients. I will strive to make you pleased with my service and I will work diligently to help you reach the financial goal that has brought you here to me.

Please take the time to contact me at your convenience to learn more.

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