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Independent Representation

The Benefits Of Independent Representation

"Feel Better About Your Future"


A Check and Balance System


For similar reasons that our founding fathers of the Federal government set up our system of government, Money Concepts is also structured similarly. Three pillars of independent entities keep “check” on each other to help ensure accountability and the actions of each are “balanced” with client direction, regulations and ethical standards. The three independent pillars include the following:


(1) your independent Financial Planner / Wealth Manager who personally serves you and executes at your direction and approval.

(2) Money Concepts Capital Corporation who monitors all client interactions, accounts and transactions for regulatory and ethical compliance and

(3) Pershing LLC, the Custodian for your investment accounts who hold, execute and file your investments and transactions.


Unlike many other financial firms and/or financial advisors, they may internally conduct one or more of the three functions internally within one corporate structure, under their own control creating major conflicts of interest. In the Money Concepts structure, natural incentive is inherent with each entity to monitor the other entity functions and perform their functions to the best of their ability or face significant losses, banishment or even total failure.

This Check and Balance System - -

  • May Help You Increase Your Investment Results. A 10 1/2 Year Study Of Investments Made Over 5,000 Mutual Funds Conducted By DALBAR Financial Services (Ending May 31, 1995) Illustrates Why. Investors Who Used Independent Registered Representatives Outperformed Those Who Didn't By Over 17% In Their Equity Fund Investments And Approximately 21% In Their Fixed Income Fund Investment.
  • Analyzes How Changing Conditions Affect You. Financial Publications Like To Show Lists Of Hot Funds To Buy Now. But Those Recommendations Change Frequently. Whose List Should You Believe? With An Independent Professional On Your Side, You Can Gain An Understanding Of How Changing Economic And Market Conditions Affect Your Particular Situation. So When You Do Make A Change In Your Investment Portfolio, There's A Logical Reason Behind It.
  • Takes The Time To Understand You And Your Goals. An Independent Registered Representative Makes It His Or Her Business To Learn Who You Are, Where You Are With Your Investment Program And Where You Want To Go.
  • Helps Make Investing More Convenient. What Does It Take To Develop A Personalized Investment Program, Monitor Your Investments And Keep Track Of All The Paperwork, Too? More Time Than Your Busy Schedule May Allow.
  • Works To Deliver Information While It's Still Timely. By The Time Important Investment News Reaches The Financial Media, It May Lose Its Value For The Average Investor. An Independent Registered Representative Can Let You Know About An Opportunity While It Still Is An Opportunity.
  • Helps You Decide How To Allocate Your Assets. Owning Just One Investments Isn't Always The Best Strategy. Diversifying Your Investments Among A Number Of Different Investments Can Reduce Overall Risk. Two Investments, Five Investments, What Percentage Of Your Investable Dollars Do You Put In Income Investments, In Equity Investments, Money Market Investments, In Domestic Versus International Investments.
  • Can Make Recommendations On A Completely Independent Basis. What Difference Does Independence Make? An Independent Registered Representative Can Offer A Myriad Of Investment Options From A Wide Variety Of World Class Money Managers. A Registered Representative Is Only Truly Independent If His Or Her Firm Does Not Offer Any Proprietary Products; And The Firm Is Not Owned Or Controlled By A Financial Services Company That Produces Insurance Or Investment Products.


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Important Investing Information: Not all investments and services mentioned are available in all states. Money Concepts registered representatives are restricted to conduct business only with residents of a state and/or jurisdiction for which they are properly registered. When investing from outside of the United States, you are subject to the securities and tax regulations governing your jurisdiction. Contact us directly for detailed information about investment regulations outside of the United States. Registered Representatives State License Disclosure

Kevan Gaug is an independent contractor of Money Concepts
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