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Financial Planning That Is Tailored To You!

Our Process

Getting You There

    There are two types of people, you're either a "spender" or a "saver".   I am personally on the saver side of the equasion.  I learned a long time ago the values of living within your means and delayed gratification.  Society has negatively impacted the potential future success of the majority of folks today.  So many people have either postponed saving for retirement, or minimally save because they are living paycheck to paycheck.  Encouraging people to see the value of becoming debt free, is something I feel is a foundation to a successful financial plan.  That does not mean that if you are not debt free I wouldn't want to work with you.  On the contrary you are the ones I feel I can be the greatest benefit to!  

      That is why I start out helping every client establish a budget.  I know that for many people the term "budget" is like a four lettered word. One you just try to avoid!  But with the right plan a budget can be a huge stress reliever.  One where you no longer have to worry about the majority of your bills and are prepared to handle the curveballs life tends to throw  our way.  With a well fit budget you will have the freedom to splurge once in a while so that you don't feel like you are tied to a ball and chain!

    This hold true for all of my clients.  What better way to start out your marriage, than with a plan that reduces the possibility of those nasty money fights we've all heard about.  To the seasoned veterans preparing for retirement, how can I accurately plan for your retirement needs if we haven't even identified what they are or will be?  Everyone can benefit from the process, and it's something I feel is necessary to ensure success.  I fully understand that a budget is something that needs to change with you as you progress through the many phases of life. It will require constant monitoring to continue to be a proper fit.


A key step in successful financial planning is to find out where you are in relation to what you want to achieve. To accomplish this, as a Money Concepts Financial Planner I will analyze your position and prepare this:

  • Personal Balance Sheet
  • Retirement Analysis
  • Family Needs
  • Investment Analysis
  • Education Analysis
  • Estate Transfer Analysis

Decide Where You Want To Be

You cannot achieve any level of success financially until you know your ultimate objectives. Therefore I will help you to:

  • Clarify Your Financial Goals
  • Prioritize Your Financial Objectives
  • Evaluate Your Investment Attitude

I'll Show You How To Get There

No matter how well you plan, financial success will not be achieved unless you take action. I will help you by:

  • Presenting A Financial Plan
  • Implementing Steps In Order of Your Priorities
  • Recommending appropriate Products and Programs
  • Planning Periodic Reviews

I readily admit that I've made mistakes along the way with my personal finances.  What good are the lessons I've learned if I keep them to myself?  If I can help folks like you navigate through the myriad of choices out there and guide you to a plan that fits your objectives then shame on me if I don't try to help!


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Kurt Sytsma is an independent contractor of Money Concepts
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