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Our Process

Getting You There

Where Do You Want Your Money To Take You?  

Financial planning from Money Concepts gives you the  freedom to help you get to where you want to go – more effectively and more efficiently! Your personal relationship with your personal financial planner will guide you along the path to financial fulfillment.

Your  Money Concepts financial planner will focus on your needs first before recommending a course of action.  To accomplish what you need, your financial planner will take a broad look at your entire financial situation unlike accountants, investment advisors, stockbrokers or insurance agents who focus on a specific area of your financial life.

To guide you in fulfilling your financial dreams, your Lifelong™ Financial Strategies are integrated with your Lifestage™ Financial Objectives to uniquely provide tailored solutions. Your personal financial plan provides direction and meaning to your financial decisions.  It allows you to understand how each financial decision you make affects other areas of your finances.

By viewing each financial decision as part of a whole, you can consider its short and long-term effect.  You can also adapt more easily to life changes and feel more secure that your Lifestage Financial Objectives are being met to your satisfaction.

We Help Measure Your Lifestage Financial Objectives™

Examples are listed below. Yours are unique.

    Beginning Years

  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Choose Employee Benefits
  • Start Retirement Savings
  • Purchase Vehicle
  • Reduce Student Loans

       Couple Years

  • Buy House
  • Protect Income
  • Start New Business
  • Increase Savings
  • Make Home Improvements
  • Prepare Wills, etc.

     Early Family Years

  • Protect Earnings
  • Fund College Education
  • Finance Special Needs
  • Reduce Debt
  • Help Manage Business
  • Manage Promotions

     Mature Years

  • Fund Kid’s Marriage
  • Retire Early
  • Expand Business
  • Manage Assets
  • Save on Taxes
  • Manage Stock Options

       Pre Retirement

  • Prepare for Retirement
  • Prepare for Parental Care
  • Execute Business Succession
  • Plan for Health Care
  • Decide Pension Distributions
  • Manage Company Stock

     Post Retirement

  • Make Bequests
  • Plan for Wealth Transfer
  • Decide Elder Care Issues
  • Make Charitable Gifts
  • Save on Taxes

Then ...

We Help Determne Your Lifelong Financial Strategies™

Examples are listed below.

      Money Management

  • Create Cash Reserves Strategy
  • Create Net Worth Statement
  • Create Cashflow Statement
  • Figure Discretionary Income
  • Do Debt Reduction Schedule
  • Maintain High Credit Scores
  • Compare Financial Ratios
  • Evaluate Expenses
  • More . . .

     Risk Management

  • Determine Areas of Risk
  • Calculate Coverage Needs
  • Compare Current Coverage
  • Figure Gaps in Risk
  • Analyze Coverage Providers
  • Determine Value/Cost
  • More . . .

Tax Management

We are not tax professionals and cannot provide specific tax advice. We can help guide, plan and strategize your taxplanning based on your financial criteria. See your professional tax accountant for specific tax advice.

  • Review IRS Returns
  • Determine Credits/Deductions
  • Figure Impact of Investment Taxes
  • Calculate Estate Taxes   
  • Analyze Tax Strategies
  • Project Future Tax Strategies
  • More . . .

Wealth Management

  • Determine Risk Tolerance
  • Decide Timeframe Amount
  • Calculate Risk Returns
  • Evaluate Alternative Investments
  • Develop Investment Policy Statement as Needed
  • Adjust for Economic Cycles
  • Develop Income Strategy
  • More . . .

Estate Management

We are not legal professionals and cannot provide specific legal advice. We can help guide, plan and strategize your estate planning based on your financial criteria. See your professional legal attorney for specific legal advice.

  • Review Documents
  • Align Beneficiaries
  • Determine Missing Codicils
  • Analyze Impact of  Health Impairment
  • Analyze Probate Costs
  • Evaluate Strategies to Maximize Wealth Transfer
  • More . . .

Interfacing Strategies



Each Lifelong Financial Strategy impacts and affects the others. When devising a personal strategy, the characteristics of each must correlate as a whole:

  • Roth vs Traditional IRA
  • Term vs CV Insurance
  • Bonds vs Preferred Stock
  • NUA vs Rollover
  • CRT vs GRT Trusts
  • Reverse Mortgage vs Structured Settlement

We help Integrate your Lifelong Financial Strategies with your Lifestage Financial Objectives.

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