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At Our Firm, It’s All About You!

"Feel Better About Your Future"™

You Are Unique!

Not just biologically but also in your lifestyle and your financial circumstances. You have a unique financial history with a unique financial perspective. The way your financial world interacts makes you financially unique. How you earn money. How you spend and save. Your financial benefits and assets. And, of course, what you want to do with your money is unique?

So why would you want to be a part of a financial grinding mill that categorizes you, makes you an impersonal number and lumps you inside a production line with standard practices?

Our Singular Objective


Acting in Your Best Interest       

Check and Balance Structure:

For us to accomplish this part of our objective for you, it starts with organizing our structure to minimize and eliminate conflicts of interest. For similar reasons that our founding fathers of the Federal government set up our system of government, Money Concepts is also structured correspondingly. Three pillars of independent entities keep “check” on each other to help ensure accountability and the actions of each are “balanced” with client direction, regulations and ethical standards. The three independent pillars include the following:

  • (a) Your local Financial Planning Center (FPC), a sole proprietor organization who has direct contact to serve you and help execute your financial plan through Money Concepts International and the custodian of your financial accounts.
  • (b) Money Concepts International and their subsidiary Money Concepts Capital Corporation, privately held corporations, who monitor all client interactions with your financial planning center and the custodian of your financial accounts for regulatory and ethical compliance plus provides a resource to your financial planner.
  • (c) Account Custodian, an independent limited liability corporation who is the custodian for your money/investment accounts which holds, transacts and reports your investments to ensure proper and accurate management.

In the Money Concepts structure, each of the three entities are totally separate entities and independently act separately in performing particular functions to serve you. By being separate entities, a natural incentive is inherent with each entity to monitor the other two entity’s functions. Each performs their functions to the best of their ability or face significant penalties, banishment or even total failure. Unlike many other financial firms and/or financial advisors, they may internally conduct one or more of the three functions internally under their own control creating conflicts of interest and potential managerial malfeasance.

Each of the three entities has their own corporate management, structure, income, expenses and operating procedures. Yet each entity works together for your benefit and protection.


Conflicts of Interest:

Striving for the ultimate fiduciary responsibility to you means not having ulterior motives that conflict with doing what is best for you.  Money Concepts is not owned or controlled by a financial services company that produces banking, insurance or investment products. We are not publically owned with shareholders, whose interests come before yours. We have no and are not associated with any proprietary financial products. In addition, your Money Concepts financial planner does not indulge in vendor preferences and revenue sharing. Therefore, the recommendations made by your Money Concepts financial planner will be made without any undue influence, prejudice or bias that can occur with other financial advisors, investment brokers, bankers, insurance agents or tax preparers who act on behalf of their company, not you.

Financial Planning:

Next, Money Concepts believes the best way to act in your best interest is to know your personal financial world as good, or better, than you do. This starts with a personalized, written, and comprehensive financial plan. Five key financial areas constantly interact and change to impact and shape your financial world – money management, tax management, risk management, wealth management and estate management. Money Concepts calls these 5 areas LifeLong Financial Strategies™. Without completely understanding how your strategies affect your financial objectives, our recommendations may only be suitable but not in our best interests.

You Are Always In Control:

When making financial recommendations, Money Concepts strives for full disclosure. Compensation is based on mutual agreement and the complexity of involvement with your financial situation. The flexibility in compensation methods through retainers, commissions, fees or hourly rates is on a discretionary basis. Fees, not commissions, may help ensure remuneration is a reflection of performance. 

Plus, most of all, your Money Concepts Financial Planner acts only with your specific approval! We are relationship driven, not sales oriented.  There are no sales quotas, contests or incentives to pressure you into an inappropriate sale.

Protect and Grow


To help you protect and grow your financial assets, your Money Concepts Financial Planner is fully licensed and registered with FINRA, the national Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. This means holding a Series 7 license allowing us to offer a wide variety of investment securities (versus a Series 6 which is limited to offering commission based mutual funds).  A Series 66 license, or a combination of a Series 63 and 65, which allows us to offer investment advice and fee based compensation (versus just selling you a product). Plus registration with your state insurance department for offering insurance products.


Money Concepts International provides for 30 hours of continuing education (CE) annually to the financial planner, which is twice the industry recommendations. Furthermore, the state insurance department requires 30 more hours every two years, plus certification for annuities and long term care insurance which require additional updating every two years. Also, FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Association, requires securities testing every two years. But that is not all, many financial trade publications and organizations grant CE credit after testing for article content.

Current with Economy and Market Events:

On a consistent and regular basis, your Money Concepts financial planner studies and monitors current macro and micro economic and market events and trends. Cyclical and secular bull or bear markets plus leading, lagging and coincident economic indicators that affect your financial situation.

For instance, the Federal Reserve’s FOMC or Federal Open Market Committee reviews economic and financial conditions, determines the appropriate stance of monetary policy, and assesses the risks to its long-run goals of price stability and sustainable economic growth. Also, being aware of new and reoccurring Congressional legislation affecting the economy and markets. Plus the current and changing Internal Revenue Service (IRS) laws and codes that would affect your finances.

Access to Knowledge and Research:                        

Like other reasons for our independent structure, we have access to a multitude of unbiased and non-proprietary resources for financial research and information from virtually all sources, including research and education institutions, investment companies, government and nonprofit organizations plus much more. Because our research is not produced internally, it is not self-serving and without conflicts of interest.

 Effective and Efficient

Comprehensive, Non-Proprietary Products:

Although we neither own nor are affiliated with other financial product and service firms, Money Concepts represents over 250 different financial companies and over 10,000 products to better match your needs with the right financial product. And if there is a company or product we do not currently represent, we will conduct our due diligence to determine if it is in your best interest to be able to offer the financial product to you. Not all financial companies meet our due diligence scrutiny.

Comprehensive Personalized Services:

Your Money Concepts financial planning center offers a wide variety of personalized services. For instance banking services like regular bill paying, credit cards, and check writing all directly associated with your personal investment account. Plus you have total access to your Money Concepts financial planner who can provide guidance with house and car leases or purchases, small business financial operations and employee benefits, homeowners insurance and much more. Ask us how we can serve you better.

Management Consolidation:

To help accomplish our main objective, your Money Concepts financial planning center helps you organize and simplify your financial world. Consolidating your financial activity into a single point of contact lessens your time and effort. We can help manage and assist in your banking, investments, insurance, employer benefits, tax / estate planning and more. We coordinate and work together with attorneys, tax professionals, real estate brokers, philanthropic organizations, mortgage brokers, portfolio managers, small business services, etc. Plus by consolidating your financial accounts, you can better manage the activity.  

Personal Concierge Service

Limited Number of Clients Served:

Many financial service organizations have a business model that incentivizes their financial advisors to constantly acquire as many clients as possible. Not your Money Concepts financial planning center! On average, the number of clients served by one Money Concepts financial planner is less than half that of the industry average. We do this so as not to jeopardize the personal, concierge service we provide to help meet our primary objective – to serve you! This allows us to maximize time and availability in serving clients.  Firm growth is based on expanding services, growing client assets and adding financial planners as needed.

No Production Line:

To be able to make your financial strategic recommendations, your Money Concepts financial planner must be directly involved in personally understanding your entire financial world. This cannot be done if, like many firms, they delegate responsibilities. We do not delegate or outsource the production of your written, personal financial plan. There is not a separate person representing insurance or investments nor accounts and customer service. Your Money Concepts financial planner understands you, so when you call or have an issue, he is knowledgeable in providing answers that are in your best interest.

Single Contact:

Direct point of contact is always your Money Concepts financial planner who is immersed in your financial world. You have less people to deal with. Usually, the more you work together, the better the results.

Availability Anytime:

At your Money Concepts financial planning center, we work together on your time schedule which may include evening hours and weekends. Plus a cell phone number is always available for immediate contact.

Client Centric Results

Clients find great comfort and peace-of-mind in our personalized approach and attention we give to their personal financial planning.  Accomplishments are not measured by self-adulation but by what clients have experienced. It's all about you and helping you reach your most important financial goals in life!.

Does this sound like you?

Are you one who has nagging financial issues? Even financial worries? Or definite financial problems? Do you search for more financial information – if you take the time and exert the extra effort which is sparsely available? Granted being more informed financially is always good. But evaluating whether the information you get is accurate, thorough, timely and personally appropriate for your situation may be seriously questionable.

You read all the consumer magazines, hear the media and attend the free-meal financial seminars that thinly disguise their purpose to sell you a product. It’s something like a dog chasing its own tail. You keep going in circles questioning whether what others offer is the right thing but never know for sure.  So you keep looking, reading and hoping to find the answer to find your pot of gold. Even though others may emphasize what you want to hear not all that you should hear. Plus you are left to decide if what they say is really appropriate for you.

Welcome to Money Concepts

Please share with us the areas that concern you most?


____ Having adequate cash reserves

____ Managing debt and cash flow

____ Planning for disasters/emergencies

____ Preserving wealth


____ Calculating insurance costs and needs

____ Planning for Special Needs

____ Evaluating long-term care needs

____ Providing for spouse in case of death


____ Projecting income throughout retirement

____ Regularly managing investments

____ Ensuring adequate retirement income

____ Protecting future purchasing power


____ Minimizing federal income taxes

____ Providing for tax advantage investments

____ Structuring future tax benefits


____ Preparing proper wills

____ Minimizing estate taxes

____ Determining wealth transfer strategies


____ Determining Social Security benefits

____ Understanding Medicare and health insurance

____ Managing employer benefits

____ Other _______________________

The first step in developing a sound retirement plan is to have a clear idea of where you stand today. Please complete the assessment below to help determine your financial “feelings.”

Please check one that best describes you

______Need urgent financial care

______Need remedies to improve my retirement concerns

______Would like the “prescription” on how to achieve my retirement goals

______Feel comfortable with current situation, but have a specific need

Find the value in Money Concepts knowledge, efficiency and effectiveness for yourself.

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for a complimentary meeting and an evaluation of your financial situation.

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