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Hathaway Financial Group offers two primary services, Customized Financial Planning and Investment Management. They are distinct services, but deeply interrelated. Our planning services help you put a strategy in place, while our investment management services help you monitor and adjust your portfolio in response to changing market conditions, economic outlook, or changes in your needs. We offer two planning solutions: Direct and Advisory, each with its own approach to planning and investment management.

1. Advisory Fees  Advisory fees are charged quarterly as a percentage of your account value.  This method is most common among financial advisors and within our firm.  Your planning fees are waived when you open an “Advisory” account.

2. Commissions  We also offer commission-based “Direct” accounts, for which we are paid a commission on purchases and in some cases redemptions.  This method is also common among full-service brokers, and is also what you will typically encounter with a discount broker and direct mutual fund or annuity company.


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Retirement Planning:  Creating and following a financial plan, as well as using tax-advantaged strategies such as 401(k)s, IRAs, Roths, and variable annuities, can maximize your potential retirement income.

College Planning:  Developing a sound plan and maximizing the benefits of 529s, UTMAs, Coverdell ESAs and Savings Bonds can help you estimate, plan for, and reach your college funding goals.

Lifestyle/Goal Planning:  Building goal-oriented portfolios [e.g. home improvement, travel, vehicles] using money markets, CDs, mutual funds, etc. can stave off potential debt and create a sense of financial independence and peace of mind.

Job Transitioning:  The stress and emotions of a job loss can impact us all.  We are here to support you through every step of the process while ensuring you understand all your options.

 401(k)/457/403(b) Reviews:  Contributing to a plan alone may not be enough to secure your retirement.  We can evaluate your retirement plan and provide guidance on how much you should be contributing, the tax impact, and whether your investment selections are right for your unique situation.

Life Insurance:  Life insurance can serve multiple purposes, providing emergency income needs for your survivors, and in some cases serving as an investment vehicle during your lifetime.

Performance Monitoring: Adhering to a long-term investment strategy can be challenging when economic and market conditions fluctuate.   By utilizing leading market and investment research tools, we continually monitor the performance of your account holdings and recommend adjustments when and where needed.

Portfolio Reviews:
We review the performance of your portfolio on a regular basis, and offer in-person meetings at our office or at a mutually convenient location, phone calls, and live web meetings to accommodate your busy schedule.  Routine reviews are important to ensuring that your portfolio matches you and your needs.

Ongoing Meetings:
Communication is the key to our shared success.  We will contact you for review meetings on a quarterly, semi-annual, annual, or as-needed basis.  You decide what is best.

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