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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need financial planning?

“No matter who you are, making informed decisions about what you do with your money will help build a more stable financial future for you and your family.”  -Alan Greenspan, Former Federal Reserve Board Chairman

What else do you plan for in your life – higher education, a wedding, home purchase, vacations? Common knowledge confirms that planning helps you achieve what you want to accomplish. You are more organized. You can monitor your progress. You stay on track. You are more likely to meet your goals. All with the help of your financial planner coach. 

“People who plan and budget are, on average, 39% wealthier than those who don’t.”                                              -Andrew Caplin, economics professor at New York University

With the more important areas of your life, particularly retirement which just may be one of the most important, financial planning is crucial! However, your comprehensive, written financial plan also incorporates to help you reach your other collateral financial goals, like children’s higher education, weddings, vacations, etc. as well as your wealth transfer goals. Money Concepts financial planner will help you quantify and measure your personal financial goals.

When should I start financial planning?

You probably already know the answer. When do you want to reap the benefits? As soon as possible, of course. The sooner you start, the more likely you are to reap the benefits of financial planning to give you financial peace-of-mind.

“To ensure a financially secure retirement, it is critical to make the right choices years ahead.  Start on the path to retirement security today so you can have the retirement you have dreamed of.”                                                       -Elaine L. Chao, Former U.S. Secretary of Labor

How long is the financial planning process?

Initially, to develop your first personal, comprehensive and written financial plan can take 30 to 60 days. Much depends on your effort to provide your financial information and your Money Concepts financial planner will help you every step of the way. Once complete a thorough presentation will be made to you to gather your feedback and approval. Then your Money Concepts financial planner will help you implement and manage your personal financial plan over time with minimal effort on your part.

To set up a complimentary appointment to review your financial status and goals, call 281-362-2766 or email us today at

Will financial planning take much of my time and effort?

The most important part of your participation is conveying your current financial status. Your Money Concepts financial planner will thoroughly immerse themselves with your financial details to learn your situation as well, and preferrably, better than you. After completing your initial personal financial plan, you should be able to experience less stress and worry, plus only devote periodic meetings with your financial planner. However, should an unexpected financial event or issue arise, your Money Concepts financial planner is always at your disposal.

How is Money Concepts compensated for your services?

Having procured a federal securities license Series 66 allows for the flexibility to offer a mutually agreed upon method of compensation. Although a fee based method is commonly perceived as the best because it is unbiased and may lack any conflicts of interest, other Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) may pose an additional hazard of conducting their own oversight with complying with laws and regulations (like Bernie Maddoff).  Depending on your financial circumstances, hourly rates, retainers, fee based or even commissions may be in your best interests. Please see the website section about ‘Disclosures”.

How much does financial planning cost and can I afford it?

There will be an affordable fee to develop your personal, comprehensive and written financial plan. The financial plan fee will be based on the complexity and involvement of your financial situation and will be determined at an initial meeting.  The fee is mutually agreed upon. Typically, your written financial plan can be a hundred pages or more. Once the scope of your personal financial plan is realized, future compensation and cost can be discussed and mutually agreed to based on your needs.

What if I only have a specific financial issue or need and do not want the comprehensive financial plan?

Great question. Some may think they only want a plan for college education, or maybe some other specific financial issue. And yes of course, we could do that, but without understanding your cash flow you may not be able to afford it. Or without knowing your tax status, the plan may not fully take taxes into consideration. Or how would the recommendations change if others were contributing to the college education. And what about risk? If something dreadfully happened to you, will your education goals be met? Obviously, to act in your best interest, a personal comprehensive plan takes these concerns into consideration and incorporates your college education goals.

What if I only want to purchase a specific financial product or investment?

Similar to individual financial issue planning, specific investment advice would be quite implausible.

Picking stocks, mutual funds or any investment vehicle may be somewhat suitable for you, but likely not in your best interests. Obviously taxes, risk and estate are at stake. Should you take higher risk if you are more comfortable with lower risk investments that still help reach your financial goals?

How do I get started with financial planning?

Contact us now for a complimentary meeting at your convenience to discuss everything in more detail. We’ll explain how we proceed together and what it will take from both sides. After hours or weekend appointments are available. Call 281-362-2766 or email

Complimentary Offer:

What financial issue would you like to talk about?

Let’s meet to get to know each other. Let’s determine if we can help you and if you want our help?  No obligation. We will make sure it is not a waste of your time. Email with a convenient time for us to meet in my office.


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