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Ludington MI Seminar September 12, 2017




Social Security Triple Play Seminar Series

  •     Tuesday May 17, 2016 @ 7 pm - Social Security Savvy       presented by Scott Brown of AIG      Get Answers To:    - "The Big Question" ... When do I Start?                                                                             - Your Three Main Options                                                                                                  - Weighing  The Trade Offs                                                                                                   - What Else To Consider                                                                                                     - Can It Be Taxed And How                                                                                                 - What Role Does It Play                                                                                                    - Additional Income Beyond Social Security                                                                         - Is an Annuity Right For You                                                                   
  •     Tuesday June 14, 2016 @ 7 pm - Long Term Care - Funding That Makes Sense                                                   - 70% Of Americans Age 65 Will Need Some Level                                                                 Of Long Term Care During Their Lifetime.                                                                             - The Average Cost Of Nursing Home Care is $93,000                                                             Per Year In West Michigan (semi-private room)                                                                    - Medicare Does Not Cover Skilled Nursing Facilities                                                             - The Cost Of Traditional Long Term care Insurance Is                                                              Skyrocketing, Leaving Many Wondering What To Do.                               Have you, or someone you know watched a loved one go through a "Significant Health            Event"?  If so, then you know how quickly the costs can add up.                                             Join us, as Andy Mcgrath from Pacific Life, discusses the effects Long Term Care               needs can have on your Retirement Savings.  Pacific Life may have a solution that                   is right for your and your loved ones!                                                                                            
  •     Tuesday July 19, 2016 @ 7 pm - What's Your Number?                                                                                        - You Know You've thought About It...                                                                                    - Does It Keep You Up At Night?                                                                                          - What If I Get It Wrong... Then What?                                                        Let Us Help You Answer The One Question Everyone Faces As They Consider Retiring....                                       Do I Have Enough To Retire Comfortably,                                                                                                   ...AND...                                                                                                             Stay Comfortably Retired?                                 

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