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Holistic Wealth Management

 We Lead by Listening.

Successful and sound pursuit of an enjoyable, and rewarding, long life requires more than hope. To achieve your financial objectives we must come up with the right answers; but first we must come up with the right questions. Our first time together will be a discovery, an exploration, to listen and learn from you....your current situation, past experiences, challenges and obstacles. This time together will help us understand you and your unique standing; this will help us both determine if Ashton Wealth Management and you are a strong fit in pursuing your financial well being. At each step of our process the discussion will be held at a level of understanding that ensures your comfort and comprehension.

Time is the greatest asset, your quality of life is determined by how you "spend" that asset...transfer that time and worry to us so that you can spend time with your loved ones doing the things you love.

                        Consider This.
The most common form of compensation in our industry is charging a percentage based on the amount of assets under management. That fee could total over 2%.  Do you feel comfortable with your advisor overnight collecting that fee on assets that took many years of your effort to create?  Are you fully aware of the “drag” on growth those fees can create over the years when pulled directly from your assets?  Would you feel forgotten when your adviser pursues those with larger assets?  For those starting out have you felt overlooked because you don’t have assets that draw attention, especially at a stage in life when guidance is most critical?  
                   Consider Us, MoneyConcepts 360
We instead offer a fixed fee process, we have no undue influence on providing the continuing  guidance that is always in your best interests.                
An initial set-up fee of $100 per individual, $150 per couple. The monthly subscription fees then apply per household.*           

To age 30           $80 monthly

Age 30-40          $120 monthly

Age  40-50         $160 monthly

Age  50-70         $200 monthly

Age 70 +           $80 monthly
* Should a need arise for additional analysis such as business start-up, Family Trust, Supplemental Needs Trust , etc. then an hourly fee may be implemented and would be discussed and disclosed prior

 Analysis and Dynamic Monitoring of  Retirement Accounts and Investment  Accounts • Insurance  Reviews • Expense Management  • On-Target Goal Watch • Tax Integration • Legacy Integration • Client Portal Offering Real Time Access To Dynamic Software Assessing Your Pursuit of Financial Goals




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Jay R. Hardesty is an independent contractor of Money Concepts

note: Ashton Wealth Management is an independent firm and not affiliated with Money Concepts

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