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Vern Hayden - CFP®

Vern is considered a legend and a pioneer in the financial planning field. He is recognized among his peers and the financial media as one of the leaders in the financial planning movement before it was a real discipline. His accomplishments in the financial planning field are unparalleled. They include among other achievements:

  • He was a member of the CFP Board of Standards
  • Founder and Chairman of the National Endowment for Financial Education
  • He wrote the first training manual for financial planners in 1979
  • Authored two books for the benefit of the public: “Money Use it or Lose it” and Getting and Investment Game Plan, both published by John Wiley and Sons
  • He is currently writing another book entitled “How do I Know You Won’t Steal my Money”
  • He conducted hundreds of public seminars and financial education workshop for the executives of major US corporations like IBM
  • Contributed 92 financial planning columns to, a Jim Cramer website
  • Wrote and published 32 articles for the Journal of Financial Planning
  • After the tech crash of 2000 / 2002 he wrote an article for the Journal of the American Association of Individual Investors entitled “Makeover for a Bear Mauled Portfolio, How to Create a Winning Game Plan”
  • He was the Chairman of the College for Financial Planning which created the CFP designation and helped create the first standards for financial planners
  • He appeared 317 times on CNBC, Bloomberg, NBC and ABC among others hence the nicknames “Mr. Mutual Fund” and “Mr. Retirement”
  • Member of the Education Committee of the Securities Industry Association
  • He is in “Who is Who in Finance and Industry
  • Member of the National Board of the Financial Planning Association and founder of the Westchester NY Chapter of the FPA
  • He has been a CFP® since 1978


Vern holds a degree in Philosophy from Wheaton College in Illinois and 35 Graduate credits from American University, University of Southern California, and New York University.

He is a retired Major in US Air Force.  He was also a liaison officer for the Air Force Academy.

Vern and his team has managed portfolios and done financial planning for clients for a combined 82 years. Like the popular TV ad says “We know a thing or two because we have experienced a thing or two”.  We like to add that “Money is never our client, real people are”

Call Vern for a complimentary discussion at 203 321 1220 or his cell at 203 247 3726


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At Money Concepts Capital Corp., (MCC), we strive to provide to you objective investment advice to assist you in achieving your goals. There are inherent in any recommendations, however, the potential for conflicts of interest. This conflict can come from the compensation our Representatives may receive on specific investments or advisory services, or it may come from the compensation that MCC may receive from third party providers as a result of your purchase of products, advisory or retirement plan services. It is important for you to understand these conflicts of interest so that you may make an informed decision to permit MCC to serve your investment needs. We will describe for you here some of the compensation factors as to the products and services that we offer. Should you have any questions about this information, please contact your MCC Financial Representative.

Product and Pricing Choice - MCC Product Sponsors have been chosen based on their ability to offer products that meet the financial needs of our investors, and the complexity associated with many of today’s product choices, it is important for investors to work with a Financial Representative. MCC Representatives are dedicated to assisting you in finding the right investment product. MCC offers a broad selection of more than 10,000 mutual fund and variable annuity choices. MCC does not maintain a “preferred” list of companies based on participation in any revenue sharing that it promotes but offers a selection of many companies.

Products and Services Compensation - As a registered broker dealer, MCC receives compensation in the form of commissions or concessions as described in a prospectus for the sale of securities, such as mutual funds, variable annuities, stocks and bonds. As a registered investment adviser, MCC retains a portion of the advisory fees paid by the advisory client for MCC’s advisory services and may also share in the advisory fee (a solicitor fee) paid by the advisory client to outside advisory services. As a general insurance agency, MCC receives compensation for the sale of insurance products, such as life, health, disability, long term care, and fixed annuity products. Overall, compensation to MCC as a result of your investments with MCC may be in the form of commissions, concessions, advisory fees, distribution fees (also referred to as servicing or 12 b-1 fees) and persistency fees.

Compensating Sponsors - MCC receives compensation over and above published commission schedules, advisory fees and concessions as described in a prospectus from certain Product Sponsors. This compensation may be paid for services we provide to the Product Sponsor or they may be paid to MCC in order to provide sales and marketing support. This "Additional Compensation" may be received as a flat dollar amount or an amount based on sales or total dollar amount of investors' assets. Product Sponsors who pay MCC Additional Compensation are considered MCC’s "Compensating Sponsors

Source of Compensation - Some additional compensation payments are paid to MCC out of the revenues of the sponsoring investment company or insurance company and are NOT paid out of fund assets. Certain insurance companies or entities through which MCC places insurance business pay compensation that is based in part on factors such as total deposits, assets or premium volume and persistency or profitability of the business sold by MCC's Financial Representatives. The cost of this compensation may be directly or indirectly reflected in the premium or fee for the product. Because additional compensation received by MCC may benefit MCC or its Financial Representatives financially, it may be deemed a potential financial conflict of interest when working with our investors

Types of Additional Compensation - The types and amounts of Additional Compensation can vary by Compensating Sponsor and other companies we have agreements with. The types of compensation may be used as: Sponsorship Fees paid by Product Sponsors and Investment Advisors for MCC sponsored sales events, paid in the form of cash or expense reimbursement, for sales meetings, seminars and conferences to which the Compensating Sponsor is invited; Additional Marketing and Sales Support Compensation received either in the form of a flat dollar amount, total sales transacted, or total assets held on behalf of MCC investors; Reimbursement of approved expenses incurred by Financial Representatives or MCC employees for attendance at educational meetings held by the Compensating Sponsor at pre-approved locations, or reimbursement of general mailings, client or prospective client appreciation meetings or seminars where the Compensating Sponsor has agreed to contribute toward the expense; Persistency bonuses received from Product Sponsors for maintaining in force business.

Differential Compensation - Commissions received by MCC on transactions vary, generally ranging from 1.0% to 6.0% of amount invested, and advisory fees generally range from 0.60% – 2.0% of the assets under management. With respect to commissions and advisory fees received, MCC pays each Financial Representative an assigned payout rate that has been determined based upon the branch office that the Financial Representative is assigned to, his/her total level of production, and the type of product being sold. MCC does not offer differential commission payouts based upon the specific product or the Sponsor of the Product.

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