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Live Life By Design, Not By Default


I’m Lem Kornegay


My mission is to empower my clients to make informed decisions with their money and achieve financial freedom.  I use a personal and customized approach in working with small business owners, families and surviving spouses to help them organize their financial lives. 


I’ll help you to live a stress-free life – free from worries about your money or your financial future.  You work hard every day and have so much going on with just day to day living.  You should use your time to enjoy those things.  You shouldn’t have to spend, or waste, your time worrying about things that you can take control of.


I’ve always been interested in helping people and seeing others achieve their goals.  This is my personal calling and career.  I’m both honored and challenged by working my clients to help them achieve their financial goals. 


Today, with so much uncertainty, fear and confusion about money, having control of your money-- instead of letting it control you, is financial freedom.


I focus on clients who share my personal journey.  I am a small business owner. I am a surviving spouse and I now have a blended family.  I understand the challenges and have experienced, first-hand, many of the issues you may be facing.  I’ve raised a family-- seeing my children through and beyond college.  I’ve started and built a business and I’ve been through the unwinding of loved ones’ finances and benefits. 


I know the necessity of having someone you trust to rely on and the comfort in knowing that your financial house is in order.


There’s a huge disconnect today between our educational system and the financial services industry.  This presents a significant need for sound, common sense, personalized financial information and guidance.  We aren’t born knowing about financial planning nor are we generally taught it – not in our early education, and often not in higher places of learning.


This is where I can best help.  It is what I do.


When it comes to your money and finances, I bring it back to the basics and make sure to talk through all the topics you may not understand.  I’m known for my compassion, communication and planning skills.  That means I’ll educate you and organize your information in a way that makes sense and is in your best interest.


When we work together, you won’t find me standing in front of you pulling -- nor behind you pushing.  My job is to be with you, guiding and helping you to meet your financial goals.


Take control of your money!  Let’s meet for 20 minutes over a cup of coffee and get started with your plan for financial freedom.


Live Life By Design, Not By Default

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