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I’m Tony DuBois.

     I’ve lived & worked in Western Michigan all my life.  I’ve been married to Heidi, my best friend and dear wife for almost 30 years.  We have two young adult children whom we are very proud of, an engineer and a writer.  We attend a wonderful church where we enjoy being active & involved.  My love for people, my business background, and my passion for personal finance led me to the Financial & Investment Planning business more than fifteen years ago, all of it with Money Concepts International, Inc., a great company with all the right values.  People choose to work with me because they appreciate an advisor who listens to them.  What’s important to them is what’s important to me.  We work together here, to formulate a plan that is specific to your individual needs, desires, and objectives. 

     We accomplish this in a series of steps.  In the initial meeting, we get all the facts together.  Not just your age and other basics, but also your ideas about the future, your goals & objectives, your comfort level, and your legacy plans.  I’ll want to know about your health & family history, your monthly cost of living, your children & grandchildren, and your vision for the future.  How do you plan to use this money?  What must your money do for you?  Following a needs analysis and some research, we’ll meet again to look at some options.  We then thoroughly discuss the best savings and investment opportunities available to you, and make choices based on what you feel comfortable with, and what we agree is in your best interest. 

     I urge everyone who becomes a client to meet with me at least annually (more often is better) to keep me up to date and informed of the inevitable changes that life brings, and of course I’m always available by phone & email to help with questions and concerns that pop up.  RETIREMENT INCOME PLANNING & WEALTH MANAGEMENT is an ongoing process that requires communication to stay effective.

     If you’re looking for help with your 401(k), Thrift Savings Plan, IRA, ROTH IRA, or brokerage account, please contact me for a complimentary introductory meeting.  If you are unsure if your life insurance coverage is sufficient, or if your current policy is still the best fit for you, contact me for a complimentary analysis.  If you’ve come into some money through an inheritance, settlement, or divorce, let’s meet for a no cost, no obligation talk about ways to use it to the greatest possible benefit. 

All meetings are strictly confidential, and by appointment only. 

Please call me direct at (616) 458-1693.

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Anthony DuBois is an independent contractor of Money Concepts
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