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We are a Financial Advisory firm serving the Greater Pittsburgh area that takes great pride in being your "One Stop Shop" for all of your financial needs. Our Clients rest assured knowing that we have their best interests in mind when we assist them with financial advice and planning, asset allocation, estate planning, income taxes, retirement, and even education planning. Our goal Is simple ... to help you reduce stress and enjoy your life. We provide a "holistic approach" to Wealth Management. We use a three step process. First, we look at your entire financial picture, not just one piece of the puzzle. Second, working with you and with your goals in mind, we customize a financial game plan tailored to your specific needs. In sports, a winning head coach not only develops a game plan, but also intervenes and makes necessary adjustments during the game. This also holds true in the game of life. Our job is to be your "Personal Wealth Coach," to lead you to financial success. That said, the third part of the process is to provide ongoing conciliations and adjustments. Our core strength is working with your other professionals ...

  • Estate Attorneys
  • Insurance Agents
  • Financial Institutions
  • ... and more
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Important Investing Information: Not all investments and services mentioned are available in all states. Money Concepts registered representatives are restricted to conduct business only with residents of a state and/or jurisdiction for which they are properly registered. When investing from outside of the United States, you are subject to the securities and tax regulations governing your jurisdiction. Contact us directly for detailed information about investment regulations outside of the United States. Registered Representatives State License Disclosure

Daniel Gray is an independent contractor of Money Concepts
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