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Hi and thanks for taking the time to visit.

You should know that I am an Investment Professional dedicated to providing you with quality independent financial products and services, and have been since 1997.  Before that I had a variety of jobs, 44 to be exact, in 14 different industries.  This is my fourth career, and the one I’ve been in the longest because I found my purpose in life, it’s where my passion lies.  I served in the Army and I’ve worked in factories, retail, wholesale, boiler rooms, home improvements and information technology ranging from telephones to computers.  I’ve developed a keen understanding of what hard working people go through because I’ve gone through it myself.

My dad worked at the Springfield Armory, and when it closed he started at the American Bosch.  He never expected to die at 55.  If he did, I’m sure he’d have left my mom is better financial shape to finish raising my three teenage brothers.  She was never destitute, but they surely could have benefitted from the services of a financial professional.  As a result, I’ve sat at more kitchen tables than boardroom tables helping everyday families plot their course to whatever their goals happened to be. 

I mentioned independent financial products above.  Independent simply means that I am not bound or restricted to use certain proprietary or company sponsored products. I have thousands of financial products available that I can use to best fit your unique financial situation and goal(s). This independence is very important to my clients.

Equally important is my affiliation with Money Concepts International. They provide access to these products as well as a technology platform that helps me to be efficient in the day to day activities. But most important they also provide a support network of education and experience which helps to sharpen my skills ultimately benefiting you.

Next you should know that you are very important to me. My livelihood resides in the satisfaction of my clients from everyday people to company executives trying to design the best Retirement Plan possible. I work diligently to help you reach the financial goal that has brought you here to me.

Last, I met the love of my life, Elaine, later in life. We’ve been married since 2013 and we live in Suffield, CT, where we enjoy visits from our families and our three grandsons. 

Please take the time to contact me at your convenience to learn more.

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Alan Stearley is an independent contractor of Money Concepts
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